Yacht e yachting

Yacht-e-yachtingThe motor yacht Canados 86 - Malò represent the work of great sophistication and reliability of the Italian shipbuilding, is a guarantee of excellence for your lifestyle. Yachting in the Mediterranean Sea is something special aboard an extra-luxury and comfort motor yacht.
Do yachting in the Mediterranean Sea is very simple, just contact Roma Charter Travel: it guarantees the possibility to rent a motor yacht in Italy, France and Malta and to ports mooring in Rome, Neptune, Naples and Costa Smeralda (Sardinia).  Canados 86 - Malò is a motor super-luxury yacht with competent and confidential crew.
To combine the yachting in the Mediterranean Sea with business meetings is strongly recommended the hiring of Canados 86 - Malò. This motor yacht has a very large -over 6 m- aft cockpit; there’s a large table for breakfast or dinner outdoors for 9 people and settee hospitality.
Yachting in the Mediterranean means elegance and maximum comfort: Canados 86 - Malò has a large living room inside, divided into two areas: one dedicated to relaxation-complete with plasma tv, bose and SKY decoder- and the other dedicated to lunch. The sleeping area consists of four luxury cabins, they are very spacious, complete of bathroom and luxury shower, TV, cable box and mini bar.
Do yachting in the Mediterranean is an exclusive pleasure, but on a italian motor yacht like Canados 86 - Malò, yachting in the Mediterranean reaches levels invaluable.


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